Color key

Character turnaround

Concept of the city of Axia to explain game context

Axia in it's lit stage

Character design project meant for further processing as a maquette. For a believable character design, It was imperative to create a backstory for the character, as well as building a world around him.

Game Context:
The sun was eclipsed by the dust cloud of a thermonuclear bomb in 2033. The consequence of the nuclear winter and darkness was a state of panic and lawlessness. People created an artificial sun on the top of a tower, built on ruins of a former city. Survivors settled around the tower. Those who have influence in this corrupt city build a house high up near the new sun, however, descending layer by layer, living conditions become worse and worse. This city is called Axia.
There are other cities and enclaves, few have seen them. The sprinters (smugglers), make their living as couriers between the cities. A dangerous and illegal job.
This is exactly what Elia wants to do. He is tired of hanging around in his dirty district, his parents have no time for him and he dislikes the work in the factories.
He gets himself some rudimentary equipment, joins the sprinters' guild and sets off on his journey.
In the game context, he stays in the cities and on the road. He has to be careful, make use of his nocturnal ability, because he is not alone in the darkness. And one of his deliveries turns out to be extremely important for Axia's future, even if from the outside it looks like an ordinary walking stick.

Character Profile:
Age: 19
Species: Cross Fox
Birthplace: Axia
Residence: Layer 6
Favorite color: Blue
Habits: Drinking, smoking, conning
Adventurous, Rebellious, cocky, Melancholic, Good-natured

Time Constraint:
Semester project
1st semester / winter semester
Character Design
Susanne Brandhorst

Software used:
Adobe photoshop


Ideation and iteration

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