I started with rough thumbnails. I chose (4) and imagined the layout. Then I warped this layout to fit an orthographic grid. 
Using the layout as a base, I constructed the castle upwards on the grid. One increment represented one meter. That forced me to think of the forms and dimensions of the building. I used human silhouettes to keep a consistent proportion.
fomori Is a multiplayer tower defense game concept, taking place in 19th century Ireland. Villagers have to fight off waves of approaching enemies, that rise from the sea. These creatures are based on the Irish folklore of the 'formorians', a supernatural and hostile people living in the seas.

Game Context:
Fictional castle 'Chreag'. Built 1520 AD.
In the game concept of 'fomori', The castle serves as a lobby for the players. Weapon- and armor updates can be purchased here.

Project time Constraint:
Six weeks

Software used:
Adobe Photoshop

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