Create a huge construct that expands in all possible directions. While you build the wackiest and most fun parts, you'll have to keep the balance.
My role in development
Coach Friedrich Schadow plays lofty
Coach Friedrich Schadow plays lofty
pitching my fake screenshot during a group coaching
pitching my fake screenshot during a group coaching
After my fake Screenshot was approved, I've derived objects from the screenshot that would later be 3D modeled for ingame use.

Ingame stages during the development

HDRI skybox developing stages

Hand painted HDRI skybox

I documented my problem-solving during the development stage. I drew dependency graphs for complex scripts and recorded bug fixes.
Lofty is a high score game of skill, that requires players to build as high as possible without their construction falling over. The player has creative freedom to put abstract objects anywhere, but has to think of their weight and position.
This project was my first 3D game and, I've worked in a team of four to realize it. 
My main responsibility was the development of the game in Unity 3D, including the code architecture.
However, I played a role in developing the Idea during the Ideation phase, as well as the art direction of the Project. 
My fake screenshot (which can be seen above) convinced my team members and served as a reference for the look and feel in the further course of the visual development. This fake screenshot also served as a reference for the 3D modeler, to create the ingame Objects.

Time Constraint:
Semester Project
Team Size: 4
Lead game development
Visual development
Game art
3rd semester / winter semester
Visual Development for 3D Games
Friedrich Schadow
Susanne Brandhorst
Thomas Bremer

Software used:
Adobe Photoshop
Unity 3D (C#)

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